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Technological expertise
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Right from the outset over 20 years ago, we at Trivadis have placed the highest value on technological excellence as a core component of our services. Technology and technological expertise are therefore key elements of what we have to offer. Safeguarding and expanding this know-how, ensuring the transfer of knowledge with regard to product development and customer projects, as well as driving innovation, are the primary tasks of the Trivadis Technology Center (TTC). Our consultants' know-how base is thus unrelentingly developed in-house. You as our customer benefit directly from our knowledge lead.

Our focus – the practical application.

The TTC is structured in line with the Trivadis product and service portfolio. Each section is headed by a Solution Manager, who performs part of his or her work on customer projects. This – alongside project staffing with consultants – sustainably ensures the practical relevance of the output from the Technology Center. You won't find an ivory tower atmosphere at Trivadis!

Your added value from the Trivadis Technology Center.

trivadis technology centertrivadis technology center





You as our customer benefit several times over. Since all of our analyses and testing are vendor-independent, objective advice in the selection of your software and hardware is guaranteed. Additionally, all analyses and tests are developed by consultants who, on account of their vast experience, know exactly what innovative technologies have to deliver. Last but not least, our TTC consultants have scope for development, which leads to new ideas and approaches. Our knowledge lead means that you can complete your projects more quickly and efficiently, and in doing so shorten your time to market. You can also benefit from synergies by working with us, since we dispose of a hardware and software infrastructure that you can use within the framework of TIPP projects and special training sessions.

Martin Wunderli

Martin Wunderli

Trivadis, Chief Technology Officer