Record leads – in a totally different way.

Do you still fill in contact forms? Are these then processed manually, but after the event? Do your conversation partners receive the required information days later? And have you ever lost a stack of contact details? Make life easier for yourself: Generate leads wherever you are, and then qualify and process them right away. With Leads Everywhere! This is a mobile, cloud-based solution which efficiently supports the lead process, from recording the leads through to tracking and supplying your customers with documentation.

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Recording contact details

Save the time and effort you previously spent on entering contact details by using the integrated pattern recognition capability for business cards. Data can obviously still be entered and corrected manually.


Define what information you need

Comfortably choose the information you require for your conversation partner from a configurable catalog. You can also add any other details you may need.

Sending information

You can send the requisite information by email together with attached or linked documents while you are still in the middle of a conversation.


Tracking leads

Automatically distribute the lead information around your enterprise. Export the leads in standard formats, or transfer them directly to your CRM system via the Leads Everywhere interfaces. Superfluous paperwork, illegible contact forms, long processing times, and confusing or incomplete data, will all become things of the past with Leads Everywhere.


  • Nobody likes having to enter detailed information during stressful phases at trade fairs by typing on an iPad. That's why the quickLead input elements are designed so that practically every detail of a conversation can be recorded without the keypad. This is quicker, delivers cleaner data, and is much more relaxing.
  • No more lost lead forms, no more business cards in your employees' pockets, no more illegible handwriting. quickLead makes your data secure! All recorded data are stored both locally on the iPad used to collect it, as well as in the secure leadCloud, the quickLead cloud service.
  • Your iPad can read with quickLead! When you photograph a business card, the automatic character recognition functionality in quickLead reads the data it contains, interprets them, and then sorts them into the appropriate fields in quickLead. This means that not only can you digitally record contact details in a matter of seconds - but they are correctly sorted right away as well.
  • There is an ever growing trend towards printing QR codes on business cards together with the contact details. The advantage of these small square codes is that they make it impossible to misinterpret the data they hold. You can obviously use quickLead to capture these codes as well, and then insert the stored data into your contact form.
  • It doesn't matter if you make a mistake in quickLead: correcting it is so simple! And regardless whether the corrections are made directly on the iPad or in leadAdmin (the quickLead web interface), it goes without saying that they are synchronized in real time for immediately availability to anybody with access to the lead.
  • Immediate data availability
  • Cross-media follow-up
  • Personal addressing of customers
  • More information through interaction
  • Structured addressing of customers
  • Intelligent call management
  • High safety standards
  • Repeatedly tested and field-proven application
  • Decades of experience in secure data handling
Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development